Live Tweeting – BCM 325

This post will provide a critical self-reflection of my live tweeting ability during the movie screenings in BCM325 – Future Cultures, and the levels of engagement I achieved in my tweets. Despite being new to live tweeting while watching, I felt that I missed key aspects of  dialog or story as I was trying to make a meme or ask a thoughtful question to ask my peers. But I slowly improved through put the weeks.

Most of the engagement on my original tweets and comments on other’s came from discussion about the film and it’s ideas about the future. I believe these tweets do well because a key component of the BCM325 sessions is to continuously unpack future cultures tropes from these films.

Other tweets that were based on funny comments or memes gathered little to no engagement. They were based on funny and relatable moments to my peers. I believe these tweets didn’t do as well due to them having to be rushed while watching the film which didn’t allow for much thought due to the time constraint to move on to the next tweet.

During the sessions I also live tweeted additional interesting sources about the films. Which received mixed levels of engagement, due to my peers were unlikely to read an article while also attempting to live tweet about the film as the same time. Posting additional sources is something I need to work on and do more often in the next round of live tweeting sessions. I often get caught up in the film or Twitter and forget to search for extra information.

Finally, I found engage with other people tweets very interesting as we posed questions to one other about the movies we watched which lead to my own further research into what was being questioned furthering my knowledge of the topic that were being discussed about the film. I also engage in the tweets of other viewers through replies, retweets and likes. This is something else I need to improve on as I often only see the tweets from the people I follow, or the most prominent tweets being shared by the people I follow. I tend to forget about clicking on the BCM325 hashtag and viewing all the most recent tweets as they come in.

To conclude I plan to watch the movie before the tutorial in order to prepare for the live tweeting exercise better, as well as making memes beforehand to hopefully increase the relevant and humour of them to hopefully encourage more interaction. I also plan on engaging with the lecture content and set readings to increase the integrity of my live tweets for the next block of movies.

Aquilah Gaming – Final Thoughts

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  • Index
    • Ideation
    • Methodology
    • Background Research
    • Response to Feedback
    • References


In the beginning, I wanted to challenge my creative side, for my digital artefact, I want to start an online twitch stream and YouTube channel called Aquilah Gamming dedicated around playing different versions of modded Minecraft and potentially other modded games, with the idea of documenting my experiences and lessons while playing the game with friends and sharing this to a potential community on twitch.


My methodology began when I started to research ideas and concepts related to gaming that I wanted to further my knowledge on and build a community. I stumbled upon a game my mates and I were already playing together on a regular bias Minecraft. I aimed to upload YouTube and stream to Twitch on a weekly. However, this idea fell through and I decided to create weekly streams on Twitch in order to succeed with the algorithm, achieve growth and receive feedback from my work. I can also used my other DA, Aquilah Productions to help promote Aquilah Gaming.

Background Research

My analytical framework I have experience throughout the creation of this DA of live streaming modded Minecraft is the “Hats of Affect: A Study of Affect, Achievement and Hats in Team Fortress” (Christopher Moore 2011) relating to both versions of Sky Factory 4.0 and Crazy Craft 4.0 had different achievements and goals in order I made progress in and had a feeling of gaining “players with the accumulation of social capital and occasional in game items”

Another source that helped me with the creation of my DA is the ‘Making the most of MINECRAFT’ (Custom PC, 2014), Which explains how to get the most out  making Minecraft and how it’s a culture phenomenon. I will also use platforms such as Reddit articles as well as word of mouth to find the latest Mods and game modes to play.

Response to Feedback

I had good feedback in regard to the pitch and beta blog posts! Firstly I had a few people say that modded Minecraft would be a lot of fun to play together and stream it to the internet the main point from Chris was my lack of framework to analyse my specific experience.


‘Hats of affect : a study of affect, achievements and hats in Team Fortress 2’ (2011) C Moore, pp.341-364. Available at: (Accessed 11 November)

‘Making the most of MINECRAFT’ (2014) Custom PC, (134), pp. 96–100. Available at: (Accessed: 10 September 2020).