Aquilah Productions – Digital Artefact

My digital artefact is a discovery/exploration series made up of photo and short 1-2 minute videos with the key subjects of people interacting with nature and man-made features as well as them alone. I developed this project through my passion for content creation, adventure and capturing visuals. For my digital artefact, I plan on continuing my hobby social media account Aquilah Productions which I have run for the past two years during school. Through documenting and creating content of my adventures and explorations and posting to Instagram, Facebook and YouTube.

Starter Pack

I achieved this through uploading daily, high quality photo content to both my Instagram and Facebook feed in order to succeed with the algorithm and achieve growth l have also created daily Instagram stories based off the daily photo to promote audience retention and promote engagement and well as gain feedback of my work. I have also created fortnightly video edits of my adventures for YouTube and have promoted sneak peaks on both Instagram and Facebook to drive conversion to watch the entire edit on YouTube.

Through creating and uploading this adventure content daily for the last two months, l have notice a gradual increase of audience retention and engagement through an increase of likes, total impressions as well as a slow increase in followers on all three media outlets, for Instagram I have gained 80 followers since the beginning of the project, As for Facebook I have mange to gain 40 new page likes and for YouTube 10 new subscribers. I found most of my inspiration for content creation and style through YouTube tutorials for both photo and video editing. I also found inspiration through travel/adventure Instagram pages.

Follow for Follow

l also gained followers through usingGary V’s success video for social media growth, through this source l followed his $1.30 strategy to gain followers and build my community.   By searching location and similar hashtags to find content to interact with. Through this DA I also received a Dm from a new company called Moori Drinks which has ended up in paid work for them in December shooting a Kickstarter video for them with long term work potentially available to

Paid Advertisement

I have also experimented with the use of paid advertisement on both Facebook and Instagram to target specific ages, locations and specific personality and interests in order to convert accounts to engage in my piece of content or convert into followers.


My first video edit I made for my DA was from my adventure to Exploring Sydney’s Royal National Park – Wedding Cake Rock and was uploaded to YouTube channel as well as a sperate edit as a preview was uploaded to both my Facebook and Instagram to promote conversion from those social media’s to the full video on YouTube and to subscribe for more content.




I received a lot of positive feedback on both Facebook and Instagram due to the high impressions and total views, As for my YouTube channel struggled to get traction due to being the first post in a 4 month break as for the medium does not allow photo uploads like Instagram and Facebook, thus starting with the algorithm again as an active user, this can be seen in my fortnightly uploads after this original videos.

As for a technical point these videos were easily made due to already gained style and knowledge of final cut pro, for future content would to upload a vlog every other week to maintain a weekly upload schedule and challenge myself due to never vloging before.