Androids VS Mutants: Tabletop Warfare Game

In the last couple of weeks Ben, Rachel, Leo and I have designed a turn by turn-style tabletop war game for our class of BCM300; Game Experience Design. Each of us contributed to the assessment by formulating ideas, presenting background research, and experiencing playtesting.

Here’s our video:


I enjoyed the design aspect of this assignment as it allowed for my creative mind to express my ideas freely and slowly narrow down on one idea to refine and work on it consistently which had been an issue with my creativity fluently. This was spiked by one of the games we played in the class called “Sparks” which I enjoyed as it ironically sparked the inner creativity in me to shine.

Our original premise of this board game was inspired by Quentin Tarantino’s movie “The Last Samurai” and the videogame series Total War to create a tabletop war-based game starring America Vs Japan with no characters in mind just yet, just the themes and story for the world we were creating for our consumers.

But upon further reflection, Rachel brought up that our idea could be seen as cultural appropriation due to the lack of knowledge in this field we collectively had.

Through this failed idea we had the basis of our mechanics and with help from our tutor to avoid incorrect political decisions. We looked for other media from videogames and movies that we had an interest in.

Our primary inspirations were the fallout franchise, Terminator movies and the left for dead videogame series which is why this board game is set on a battlefield on futuristic earth in a post-apocalyptic setting where human beings were overthrown by Artificial Intelligence who nuked the earth and created a mutant strain to wipe out the rest of the survivors but has ended up creating a monumental battle between the man-made androids and man-destroying mutants for the battle for earth. 

Character Development

The main characters and weapon were developed with inspiration from the Fallout videogame franchise, The Terminator movies as well as Left for Dead franchise. For example, the Exterminator character is inspired by the terminator character in Left 4 dead 1.

Mechanics I Introduced

  • The tragic departure of old japan culture, (philosophy) 
  • 5 characters on each side (Japan and America) with a random shuffle at the start with the characters you get to play the game with different
  • 4 areas of play – split by a mountain in between (River, Forest, Village, Snow)
  • Character cards on both sides that are shuffled
  • Added special abilities to the heroes.
  • Item cards to be random places on the battlefield to in site battle or tactical abilities
Our Initial Brainstorm
The initial board game design

Contribution To The Group Video

My main contribution to the group video was to pitch was the game overview, genre and the intended audience part of the presentation.

To complete this aspect of the task this I took upon the advice that was given by my tuts and marking criteria to successfully outline the set and setting to intrigue potential investors and or players of our game. I also used the advice of giving a reason why someone would want to buy this game by explaining our inspirations instead of an age group.


When creating the prototype, I suggested drawing up each character to figure out what we should call them and the abilities they should have and what weapon they should use, this was then supplemented by giving the character a strength and defence rating to simplify the game mechanics. As for representing the character we just used simple Woolworth’s figures and poker chips to represent how many hearts they had left.

The pictures below show our initial beta of this board for the strengths and weaknesses our characters have. Our components included the use of paper and simple drawings.


With our initial beta both Ben and played tested the game to figure out if there was anything wrong with the core mechanics and how the flow of our turn-by-turn style game would work.

The first issue that I came across was the star representing the direction of movement was quite unpolished as I would forget how my stars would dictate how the movement of the character would work. To fix this issue I suggested drawing arrows for the directions the specific character could move to simplify this mechanic of the game.

Another issue that Ben, Leo and I notice is the balance of strength to defence ratio did not work as one character would not be able to do any damage to another as their defence was too high to fix this issue we collectively decided to increase the star damage on all characters and ability cards.

After all these changes we were quite satisfied with the final product and am happy to say that we all made an amazing collaborative effort.

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Aquilah Gaming – Final Thoughts

Google Doc Link:

  • Index
    • Ideation
    • Methodology
    • Background Research
    • Response to Feedback
    • References


In the beginning, I wanted to challenge my creative side, for my digital artefact, I want to start an online twitch stream and YouTube channel called Aquilah Gamming dedicated around playing different versions of modded Minecraft and potentially other modded games, with the idea of documenting my experiences and lessons while playing the game with friends and sharing this to a potential community on twitch.


My methodology began when I started to research ideas and concepts related to gaming that I wanted to further my knowledge on and build a community. I stumbled upon a game my mates and I were already playing together on a regular bias Minecraft. I aimed to upload YouTube and stream to Twitch on a weekly. However, this idea fell through and I decided to create weekly streams on Twitch in order to succeed with the algorithm, achieve growth and receive feedback from my work. I can also used my other DA, Aquilah Productions to help promote Aquilah Gaming.

Background Research

My analytical framework I have experience throughout the creation of this DA of live streaming modded Minecraft is the “Hats of Affect: A Study of Affect, Achievement and Hats in Team Fortress” (Christopher Moore 2011) relating to both versions of Sky Factory 4.0 and Crazy Craft 4.0 had different achievements and goals in order I made progress in and had a feeling of gaining “players with the accumulation of social capital and occasional in game items”

Another source that helped me with the creation of my DA is the ‘Making the most of MINECRAFT’ (Custom PC, 2014), Which explains how to get the most out  making Minecraft and how it’s a culture phenomenon. I will also use platforms such as Reddit articles as well as word of mouth to find the latest Mods and game modes to play.

Response to Feedback

I had good feedback in regard to the pitch and beta blog posts! Firstly I had a few people say that modded Minecraft would be a lot of fun to play together and stream it to the internet the main point from Chris was my lack of framework to analyse my specific experience.


‘Hats of affect : a study of affect, achievements and hats in Team Fortress 2’ (2011) C Moore, pp.341-364. Available at: (Accessed 11 November)

‘Making the most of MINECRAFT’ (2014) Custom PC, (134), pp. 96–100. Available at: (Accessed: 10 September 2020).

Comments and Self-Reflection

My first comment was on Michaela Shales blog (Gender Sexualisation in Games). Michaela said that she will focusing on Chapters interactive stories on iPhone, I gave two recommendations at potentially looking at a different genre of games as well as looking into the social aspects of Sims (Mass Effect 2) as well as sharing a link to a Kotaku article about female armour in games. The marketing side of things I found interesting, designers making their character more sexualised in order to attract more players to their game, it was something that I knew but never really thought of.

Link To Page

Second comment was on Tobias Joshua Thomas’s blog (Bcm 215 pitch) he discusses why he chose the topic and he’s love for videogames and what topics his has planned into the future of his DA, one being comparing Battlefield 4 to Battlefield which is one of my favourite game and game developer. I also gave two recommendations at potentially looking at IGN review page to gather ideas on reviewing games as well as asking his opinion on Halo’s story and game design as its one of my favourite games.  

Link To Page

Third comment was on Ruby Losinno’s blog (RUBY REVIEWS – PITCH), she discusses her DA being based around reviewing and potentially reviewing different game shows. I suggested her to look at a particular academic journal about the critique of the price is right which could help in her review process and blog.

Link To Page

From this I got to see a lot of different ideas of what goes into the gaming community and different ways that I could further improve my DA. As well as the importance of laying the information out of the reader/viewer, I would much rather just read the key points of a post then have to look through for the important stuff and having relevant topics, something that will engage the viewer. The ways I could improve myself for future comments would be by having more sources instead of just one or two. As well as get sources from a wider range of areas, such as Journal Articles, academic research and YouTube videos (reviews or game/topic breakdowns). Also that my comments could possibly be longer and better structured in order to let the reader get a better understanding of what I am saying.

Aquilah Gaming – Digital Artefact

I will be looking at Mods in Minecraft as my heading and pitch video says. I will be focusing on all things that fall under that topic.

As of now I don’t have a schedule that I am following, but feel free to leave any recommendations.

My main resource will be referring to is the ‘Making the most of MINECRAFT’ (Custom PC, 2014), Which explains making the most out of the game and how it’s a culture phenomenon. I will also use platforms such as Reddit, articles as well as word of mouth to find the latest Mods and game modes to play.

I will be pulling from my personal experiences as well as friends for interactions with mods. From playing modded Minecraft to playing modded skyrim an open world game

If you have an experience dealing with this topic let me know and I can discuss it in a video. Sent me a message on twitter. @seanpix01

Videos will hopefully have a set structure of game-play with and without Mods, Cheats and Exploits and of course information on the topic.

I am also working on streaming as well as posting to YouTube, these streams will depend on how my internet copes, so keep tuned for that!

Check out Aquilah Gaming 🙂




‘Making the most of MINECRAFT’ (2014) Custom PC, (134), pp. 96–100. Available at: (Accessed: 10 September 2020).