The Review – BCM 302

PEER REVIEW 1: Leo Twemlow

My fist pitch review is Leo Twemlow project, ‘Foreign Footy’  will be a video essay and blog post collaboration on the sport of rugby league in America.


Leo has a clear knowledge of the sport of rugby league and therefore already understands the context and current state of the sport that is trying to fit into the American market. A clear problem is stated and justified with a solution to fix such problem over the course of the semester.


Leo plans to create video essays and distribute these videos to niche sub Reddit’s raising awareness of the sport, As i have used reddit in the past to share my own creative videos I have found huge success. This platform also allows for a feedback loop as it’s very common for people to comment on reddit as well as achieve growth for such a niche project. My only suggestion is to potentially edit short clips out of these video essays and upload them on to YouTube shorts If you want some more info on YouTube and how to maximize it then Social Media Manager has some great insights!


Leo’s DA is relevant and has the ability to create change in the American sporting market. Due to America’s population, the sport of Rugby League has the potential to slide into the American sporting scene and compete with a similar sports league in NFL.

Personally I cannot think of many key weaknesses of this project as it does have the opportunity for growth and development in a niche market. I’m personally a massive fan of rugby league and I didn’t know that there was plan to make the game in USA which is really interesting to me.

PEER REVIEW 2: Charlotte Pierro

My second pitch review is Charlotte Pierro’s project, ‘PIERROPERSPECTIVE ’  will be photography based project based on instagram and youtube, and will consist of creating photography based content for instagram reels as well as her normal post’s.


Charlotte is doing a photography based Instagram of different people and scenes, that was previously created, she intends to expand on videos, reels, YouTube account and eventually create professional portfolio website to start her career in photography. Committed to the project over recent years, has slowly made a portfolio for herself and can only get better.


Charlotte’s main methodology is implementing the F.I.S.T principles in ‘Pierroperspective’ with consistent Instagram posts and short vlogs on her channel still favoured today, reaching a wide audience, utilising the platforms, adding locations to Instagram may be a little tip. Likewise in my DA I am prototyping Instagram posts and reels as well that are popular. My only suggestion is to build upon some of the points you have already brought up in creating some reels and YouTube content which I’m keen to see what you come up with as I need some lockdown inspiration as well, you could also potentially make and how-to’s content around that just as a creative nudge for creating those reels.


Consider the value of the project, who the audience is, travellers? Adventures? Hobby? Potential clients, in this case may be a purpose of quality, real images.

Social Media Campaign for Climate Change – BCM 303

Social Media marketing is one of the most effective ways of marketing anything to the world nowadays. It allows marketers to connect and engage potential customers through using strong social media strategies to obtain their targeted audience. Therefore, it is furthermost very important to have the skill to be able to run a social media campaign for our future World Expo for 2025. In this report, I will be focusing on the World Expo theme of ‘Climate Change. Through my discipline of social media marketing and creative direction and to evaluate current social media campaigns that are currently taking place. I have also interviewed a professional in Social Media Management and Creative Directing Julius Dimataga to gain a better understanding of the creative process and collaboration.


Maëlle Jacqmarcq’s “Environmental Activism in the Digital Age” explores the development of new digital technologies and the predicted boon for environmental activism. With social media platforms were expected to facilitate change, and enable activists worldwide to communicate and organise more effectively.

Jacqmarcq (2021, p. 51) observed “The emergence of digital technologies has impacted the environmental movement by increasing the speed and scope of its messages worldwide.” Emphasises the impact that social media plays a significant role in addressing and hopefully positively influencing people on the impacts we have on climate change.

Social media has allowed for the organisation of climate change rallies drastically and has allowed for global participation as many of you have heard of “15-year-old Greta Thunberg started skipping school in 2018 to strike for climate action outside the Swedish parliament in Stockholm. The movement quickly went global. An estimated 1.6 million kids in 125 countries hit the streets during a protest in mid-March. And a youth-led demonstration planned worldwide for 20 September could be the largest climate protest ever.”(Marris 2019).

Google trends for climate change


Social Media Management and Creative Director – Julius Dimataga

I asked some essential questions about his creative skills, professional values, collaborative production skills and such as:

Q.1 Can you take me through your typical production process from idea development to final presentation?

Q.2 What would you say are key strengths or unique attributes that you bring to this profession?

Q.3 Can you recall any specific experiences that have been pivotal to your professional development?

Q.4 Have you had any memorable professional collaboration experiences? What makes collaboration worthwhile in your line of work?

Q.5 Where do you see your industry in 10 years? Where would you like to see it?

Interview Answers

And these are his answers:

A.1 Depends if I’m doing client work or creative work in that sense. With the creative process, everything begins with a sort of treatment and idea getting down on paper weather writing down a script or storyline or drawing a storyboard always got to be the process where you got to put your vision to paper instead of winging it most of the time with taking film things or photographs of things in visual documentation. I like to document all of my ideas on my I pad, procreate or paper.

From, there I will use whatever resources I have at my disposal, would touch base with my fellow workmates with scripting and organising talent, equipment, find locations and or rent a space to shoot, finally to shoot day and post-production. 

A.2 My key strengths are creativity in the sense of doing things out of the ordinary. I’m not afraid to experiment with things and have a fair bit of experience behind a camera. I can manipulate visuals and tell a narrative.

A.3 I would say maybe a couple of years ago I worked at the waratah’s, It was pivotal because it forced me to be in an environment where it’s always adapting and always changing very very fast. Being in the dynamic of the sport allowed me to see and work where I wasn’t in control all the time. However, I prefer to plan more it has given me that experience to be nimble and It allowed me to travel and work with a big team and very enjoyable

A.4 working with like-minded people and with creative people and people who like to express themselves through that and meet awesome people in awesome places. That’s the most rewarding about this line of work.

A.5 I like where the industry is right now, and how it’s face pace because everyone has access to technology and streaming services I enjoy that right now, it has given people the opportunity to express themselves and tell awesome stories and I want that to continue. For myself, I want to create a Netflix feature movie soon.

Through conducting this interview I have learned the skills and techniques that Julius implements into his creative and collaborative experiences as well as the industry that I want to work in in the future as well. He emphasized writing down ideas at the beginning stages of a creative endeavour as well as planning out the creative idea.    

Critical Evaluation of Case Study’s creative production

I have chosen to evaluate The Conversation’s blog post to evaluate, it breaks down the eight ways to make your climate change social media posts matter:

  1. Relevance matters
  2. Conciseness helps
  3. Chase positive, realistic targets
  4. Avoid misleading terminology
  5. Climate is global: weather is local
  6. Avoid uncertainty
  7. Suggest concrete action
  8. Listen

Theses’ steps would play an integral part in creating creative content on social media to raise awareness of climate change on social media.

Innovative Designs and Visual Communication Strategies in the final presentation

Taking into consideration of my interview with Julius, the case study of how to make your climate change social media posts matter, and the research I have done. I have advised creating a social media campaign around the fact of a proven method of creating awareness for this global issue I would also focus my attention on video creation the using the formation production process that Julius has explained during the interview to ensure my message and the creative idea was filled to my expectations.


Through the combination using Julius’s creative, collaborative teachings and the recent trends that are happening on social media it is important to post content thematically and aesthetically. Being creative with my future content is something I will be keeping in mind for the World Expo presentation. Aside from than regular content itself, it’s also important to post other relevant posts such as fun facts, memes or relevant quotes in the future project’s feeds. It is also very important to engage with our audience and be open to listening to ideas from everyone.


Jacqmarcq, M 2021, ‘Environmental Activism in the Digital Age’, Flux, vol. 11, no. 1, p.41/ 51pp.

Marris, E 2019, ‘Why young climate activists have captured the world’s attention, Nature, 18 September, viewed 17 August, <;.

Tenbrink, T 2021, ‘Eight ways to make your climate change social media posts matter – from a communication expert,’ The Conversation, 18 June, viewed 16 August,<;.

Aquilah Productions (Digital Artefact Pitch)

My Digital Artefact (DA) Aquilah Productions has become a major part of bachelor and communications degree whether it was a part of an assessment or not, I have been developing it since I was in high school for a way for me to express my creativity and passion for photography and videography while adding to my professional portfolio.

Content is the trigger of customer interaction (Rahal, 2021). 

Daily, photos content to both my Instagram and Facebook feed using relevant hashtags to succeed with the algorithm and achieve growth.

l has also created daily Instagram stories based off the daily photo to promote audience retention and promote engagement and well as gain feedback of my work.

Will have also create video edits of my adventures for YouTube and have promoted sneak peaks on both Instagram and Facebook to drive conversion to watch the entire edit on YouTube. 

I have also been thinking of ways to be creative from home as shooting outside is against covid 19 restrictions. I going have a go at creating Instagram reels based on popular trends that I notice and see where that take the growth of the account.

The target audience of my project includes fans of adventure, travel, photography and videography, typically aged between 18-24. While it’s mainly male dominated (55%), I do consider my content to appeal to both genders.

If you’ve got any questions or want further info you can comment on this post or you can tweet me thank you.

Consider Following




Design Process Blog 3

Logo Design

I wanted to design a photography magazine that showed off my business account Aquilah Productions and with this I created a logo in adobe illustrator using the techniques that we learnt in the early stages of this subject using the image trace tool and considering colour, shape and type to create these logos I decided to go with the first design to go on the front page.

Image Trace

I used photoshop to turn one of my photos into a black and white photos to then image draw in illustrator to see if a Armin Hofman type of magazine would be interesting, but unfortunately i didn’t like this design and decided to go with my original idea.

Front Page

Here is the progression of these designs:


Ultimately, this was an extremely enjoyable project and I feel that throughout the course of this design project I have learnt a lot. I have improved upon my technical skills, most notably with Indesign and Photoshop. I have also learnt a lot about the design process, how there are many steps and often it is not linear, so you may have to revisit earlier steps for reworking as your project evolves. I have also learnt a lot about design layout and hierarchy.

Twitter Review – BCM 325

This post will provide a critical self-reflection of my live tweeting ability during the movie screenings in BCM325 – Future Cultures, and the levels of engagement I achieved in my tweets. Despite being new to live tweeting while watching a movie, I felt that I missed key aspects of dialog or story as I was trying to make a meme or ask a thoughtful question to ask my peers but throughout this time I slowly improved.

Most of the engagement on my original tweets came from discussion about the film and its ideas about the future. I believe these tweets do well because a key component of the BCM325 sessions is to continuously unpack future cultures tropes and ask meaningful questions about the future that these films provide.

Other tweets that were based on funny comments or memes gathered better engagement this time around as I put more effort into my memes, comments and were based on film that were funny and relatable to my peers.

During the sessions I also live tweeted additional interesting sources about the films. Which received mixed levels of engagement, due to my peers were unlikely to read an article while also attempting to live tweet about the film as the same time. Posting additional sources is something I need to work on and do more often.

Finally, I found engage with other people tweets very interesting as we posed questions to one other about the movies we watched which lead to my own further research into what was being questioned furthering my knowledge of the topic that were being discussed about the film. I also engage in the tweets of other viewers through replies, retweets and likes. This something that I got a-lot better at during this assignments and found that i enjoyed the most.

ReviewTime – BCM325


The first digital artefact what I will be looking at is James’s artefact on weather technology is detracting us from the beauty of sports.

James clearly displays his personal interest in sports in the blog and in the pitch. Which I relate to on a personal level as I enjoy watching sports also ands have never thought if technology is affecting our ability to watch and make the right decisions during the game.

I advised a website that talks about the future of the NRL to inspire a podcast or blog topic to discuss the introduction of forward pass technology as I would be interested his opinion on the matter

feeling beta than ever – UOW Visual Arts Society DA

The second digital artefact that I will be looking at is Emma’s project on creating a future business plan for the UOW Visual Arts Society.

Emma clearly displays her concept clearly both in the blog and in the beta. Beginning her beta with changing the direction of her digital artefact to design a long term business plan for the UOW Visual Arts Society. In terms of utility, her digital artefact is relevant to anyone this is running a club within a university.

I advised a link to a YouTube video of one of Gary V’s creating a successful digital social media presence as well as creating a successful online business.

The beta future of Beyond Branding

The last digital artefact I looked at was Amy’s blog on the future of her design company, ‘Beyond Branding’, and were studying BCM325 will take her in the future of her company.

I commended Amy on her company that she had been working on for quite some time, and her ability to set clear goals and expand her business. I also suggested a influencer Gary V who’s content is based around increasing personal socials media following, with the emphasise of the importance of research into new platforms and techniques to better her Business.

Design Process Blog 2

I have created multiple colour schemes that I was going to use in my photography magazine. At this point for my magazine, I have decided on a colour theme of black white and grey fro my texts as for the images i plan to edit my images with an orange and teal format.

I have also decided on a specific layout I want to stick to Brewster ‘My First Summer In The Sierra‘ design.

Androids VS Mutants: Tabletop Warfare Game

In the last couple of weeks Ben, Rachel, Leo and I have designed a turn by turn-style tabletop war game for our class of BCM300; Game Experience Design. Each of us contributed to the assessment by formulating ideas, presenting background research, and experiencing playtesting.

Here’s our video:


I enjoyed the design aspect of this assignment as it allowed for my creative mind to express my ideas freely and slowly narrow down on one idea to refine and work on it consistently which had been an issue with my creativity fluently. This was spiked by one of the games we played in the class called “Sparks” which I enjoyed as it ironically sparked the inner creativity in me to shine.

Our original premise of this board game was inspired by Quentin Tarantino’s movie “The Last Samurai” and the videogame series Total War to create a tabletop war-based game starring America Vs Japan with no characters in mind just yet, just the themes and story for the world we were creating for our consumers.

But upon further reflection, Rachel brought up that our idea could be seen as cultural appropriation due to the lack of knowledge in this field we collectively had.

Through this failed idea we had the basis of our mechanics and with help from our tutor to avoid incorrect political decisions. We looked for other media from videogames and movies that we had an interest in.

Our primary inspirations were the fallout franchise, Terminator movies and the left for dead videogame series which is why this board game is set on a battlefield on futuristic earth in a post-apocalyptic setting where human beings were overthrown by Artificial Intelligence who nuked the earth and created a mutant strain to wipe out the rest of the survivors but has ended up creating a monumental battle between the man-made androids and man-destroying mutants for the battle for earth. 

Character Development

The main characters and weapon were developed with inspiration from the Fallout videogame franchise, The Terminator movies as well as Left for Dead franchise. For example, the Exterminator character is inspired by the terminator character in Left 4 dead 1.

Mechanics I Introduced

  • The tragic departure of old japan culture, (philosophy) 
  • 5 characters on each side (Japan and America) with a random shuffle at the start with the characters you get to play the game with different
  • 4 areas of play – split by a mountain in between (River, Forest, Village, Snow)
  • Character cards on both sides that are shuffled
  • Added special abilities to the heroes.
  • Item cards to be random places on the battlefield to in site battle or tactical abilities
Our Initial Brainstorm
The initial board game design

Contribution To The Group Video

My main contribution to the group video was to pitch was the game overview, genre and the intended audience part of the presentation.

To complete this aspect of the task this I took upon the advice that was given by my tuts and marking criteria to successfully outline the set and setting to intrigue potential investors and or players of our game. I also used the advice of giving a reason why someone would want to buy this game by explaining our inspirations instead of an age group.


When creating the prototype, I suggested drawing up each character to figure out what we should call them and the abilities they should have and what weapon they should use, this was then supplemented by giving the character a strength and defence rating to simplify the game mechanics. As for representing the character we just used simple Woolworth’s figures and poker chips to represent how many hearts they had left.

The pictures below show our initial beta of this board for the strengths and weaknesses our characters have. Our components included the use of paper and simple drawings.


With our initial beta both Ben and played tested the game to figure out if there was anything wrong with the core mechanics and how the flow of our turn-by-turn style game would work.

The first issue that I came across was the star representing the direction of movement was quite unpolished as I would forget how my stars would dictate how the movement of the character would work. To fix this issue I suggested drawing arrows for the directions the specific character could move to simplify this mechanic of the game.

Another issue that Ben, Leo and I notice is the balance of strength to defence ratio did not work as one character would not be able to do any damage to another as their defence was too high to fix this issue we collectively decided to increase the star damage on all characters and ability cards.

After all these changes we were quite satisfied with the final product and am happy to say that we all made an amazing collaborative effort.

Ben’s Blog – Click Here

Leo’s Blog – Click Here

Rachel’s Blog – Click Here

The future of Aquilah Productions

In this blog post, I will be looking towards the future of Aquilah Productions in terms of attracting more clients and building a personal brand.   

Futuristic content

From the movies that we have been live-tweeting this semester, I have a common theme of the specific colour and general aesthetic that are chosen to convey the future to their audience. I plan to bring this to my platform as it seems to have a substantial niche on Instagram and would an interesting topic to explore in the future of my digital artefact.

Posting schedule

I plan to revamp my posting schedule to future proof my digital online presence, therefore, securing the future for my employment post my university career.

This includes

  • Increased stories and posts with myself in them to create a personalised brand.
  • Hone my creative and craft
  • Increased content that is posted to my accounts
  • To start a Tic Tok

Gary V

Gary V is one of the greats In creating a successful digital social media presence as well as creating a successful online business and has greatly influenced me over this assignment in creating a business plan for the future of Aquilah productions.

The main piece of advice that I take away from Gary is to sell a personality before a product or service. With this in mind, I plan for the rest of the semester to introduce myself to my audience to build a community and appeal to future clients.  





Is Becoming A Social Media Manager In My Future

In this blog post, I am looking at my personal short term future career for when my university career comes to an end. Since the beginning of my communication and media degree, I have always wanted to peruse a career in a social media management career I, therefore, have decided to research this career to increase my ability to attain this career.

While conducting some research I discovered a ton of research has been done on social media being integral to a business to strive in the modern world as well as research into social media managers as an emerging career to peruse.

I found Jacobson’s paper ‘You are a brand: social media managers’ branding and “the future audience”’ looks at social media management as an emerging profession and what current employees treat their social media and how “always on the job market’ to maintain their employment.   

Another source found is Samuels’s ‘9 skills every social media manager must have’ illustrates the skill and technical abilities that are needed to succeed in this industry to become more employable, and also recommends additional sources to improve in the areas that the reader may need to improve on. The skills involve “communication, writing, creativity, efficiency, traditional and digital, customer care, making connections, agility, data analysis. 

While Marianna Sigala & Ulrike Gretzel’s book ‘Advances in Social Media for Travel, Tourism and Hospitality : New Perspectives, Practice and Cases, New Directions in Tourism Analysis, Routledge’ details the importance of social media in the travel, tourism and hospitality industry and explains the innovation and techniques that social media managers are recommended to succussed in their career.

Another source I found is ANZ, LH’s paper ‘Introducing the Newest Member of Your Hotel Marketing Team: The Social Media Manager’ presents the social media manager position and responsibilities that are required of her/her.

The final source of my research that I have done was Mountifield, C & Sharpe’s paper ‘Managing Social Media Content During a Global Crisis: Interview With Ben Read, Social Media Manager at World in Motion’ explains how Covid 19 has affected social media content which is integral to learn about as it is most likely to affect my employment in the future and I need to stay up to date with the new techniques of social media marketing strategies to remain employable in the future.


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