Beta – BCM 325

In response to the feedback from my pitch video I immediately change the direction of my digital artefact to better suit the direction of BCM 325. So, for my digital artefact I decided to write three different blog posts based on what will impact my own personal future in becoming a social media manager and the prospects that Aquilah productions will have.

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Aquilah Productions – Beta

To recap, my digital artefact is reflected around my desire for exploring the outdoors the vastness and scale of natural world and my passion in creating visual content such as photography, videography, and graphic design l have chosen to centre my digital artefact around this hobby that l have done with mates for the past 2 years, and hopefully continue to build my portfolio.

Over the past two month my digital artefact has dramatically changed due to daily posting of high quality photos which have been posted at optimal times on both Facebook and Instagram and have achieved my goals of creating a central hub for nature adventure content.

Gained Followers/Follow for Follow

I have seen a gradual increase of followers across all three media channels, With instagram with the highest with 60 followers gained with Facebook in second place with 10 page likes and YouTube in third with 5 subscribers gained. l also gained followers through using Gary V’s success video for social media growth, through this source l DMed on instagram using the search location feature in the look out for local content creators with a similar page to myself. I managed to connect with Adam Rozmus which caused a follow for follow situation and potentially working together on a project.


Hash tagging on new posts gained followers and heaps more engagement on the post. I used a mix of popular Instagram tags and tags and related to the actual photo I was posting in. Hash tagging caused an influx of engagement on a post and lead to actual followers.

Business Instagram Insights

I used Instagram business tools to see the progress of my DA and to figure out the main audience l was attracting towards my page and the total impressions of each post. I focused on impressions. The 2 photos below show the difference between the start of the project (Left) and the result now (Right).

Paid Advertisement

I have also experimented with the use of paid advertisement on both Facebook and Instagram to target specific ages, locations and specific personality and interests in order to convert accounts to engage in my piece of content or convert into followers.

Facebook Ads

Where Now?

From here my plan is to create a website using square space to create an offical portfolio. I also plan to be a more active user on Instagram with more commenting on other’s posts.

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Aquilah Gaming – Digital Artefact

I will be looking at Mods in Minecraft as my heading and pitch video says. I will be focusing on all things that fall under that topic.

As of now I don’t have a schedule that I am following, but feel free to leave any recommendations.

My main resource will be referring to is the ‘Making the most of MINECRAFT’ (Custom PC, 2014), Which explains making the most out of the game and how it’s a culture phenomenon. I will also use platforms such as Reddit, articles as well as word of mouth to find the latest Mods and game modes to play.

I will be pulling from my personal experiences as well as friends for interactions with mods. From playing modded Minecraft to playing modded skyrim an open world game

If you have an experience dealing with this topic let me know and I can discuss it in a video. Sent me a message on twitter. @seanpix01

Videos will hopefully have a set structure of game-play with and without Mods, Cheats and Exploits and of course information on the topic.

I am also working on streaming as well as posting to YouTube, these streams will depend on how my internet copes, so keep tuned for that!

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‘Making the most of MINECRAFT’ (2014) Custom PC, (134), pp. 96–100. Available at: (Accessed: 10 September 2020).