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Civilization of the Mind

In this weeks lecture, Ted focuses on the development of a societal paradigm dependant on informational communication technologies. These ICM’s allow for fluent communication between human too human and has revolutionised the way the human’s connect with one another.

My GIF explores a us as a civilization which has become dependant on the use of informational communication technologies to socialise, connect, organise and form relationships.

It’s obvious that our network society would diminish if it wasn’t for this generations technological paradigm (Castells, 2004). A phone as an ICM for example has reinvigorated the way a message travels and the speed in which it does. With a technological paradigm starting with the global mail system to the Phone and Internet has made a gigantic leap in communication.

Global Nervous System

For this weeks’ blog post we must look at the Global Nervous System, the Internet, and the significant change which has undertaken over two decades.

Through one of this week’s readings “Brief History of the Internet” I gained key insights into the development of the internet. It shows the “incomplete” timeline of the internet and the different aspects incorporated within the development.

My Meme explores “The History of the Future”, as said in my chosen reading, The internet must continue to change and with the computer industry. I believe the Internet must keep innovating and updating as the human race truly relies on it every day.

What’s key to this change is the “social structure” which controls over the medium. A core group of designers have diminished, and wealthy stakeholders have risen which could be a detriment to the evolving state of the internet as they cannot set a direction and march collectively into the future.