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Being a Member of an Audience

As the rest of the week past (Actually yesterday when l remembered that this was meant to be up today) l looked back to when i was growing up and what it meant to be an audience member and how it has changed over time.

Growing up I remember racing home on my BMX bike dodging traffic and people every day after school in order to watch cartoon network and binged watch all the new episodes of every cartoon, before being dragged to my room by the parental to do “homework” which like many was saved for Friday morning or for the time proficient people was Thursday night.

l’d remember love watching the mindless and funny cartoon of the wild coyote and the road runner and being completely surrounded by the world they were in an without any distractions, except the count down from 10 from mum to go upstairs and get changed out of my school uniform or a forever tv ban would happen.

In order to be a true cartoon network fan it required time, effort and trouble in order to to keep up to date on your favourite cartoons.

To the present day with the creation of online streaming services and social media allowing for a global community to engage in the same piece of content and respond instantly.

From watching our favourite YouTubers, to watching our friends snapchat stories, to scrolling through instagram feeds or scrolling through a new love hate thing with twitter. We find ourselves are being continuously and instantly updated and influenced by all types of media and the platforms we choose to participate in.

l find myself contributing as audience member continuously throughout every day, until it stops working and all hell breaks loose.

I am also guilty if looking through instagram search feed to gain inspiration for my hobby of photography and videography to see how l could improve or build upon others work, as well as being able to engage through liking and comment on others posts allowing for instant feedback.


The Medium is the Message

“The Medium is the message. This is merely to say that the personal and social consequences of any medium/ that is, of any extension of ourselves/ result from the new scale that is introduced into our affairs by each extension of ourselves, or by any new technology”

Marshall McLuhan

More than 100 years later and this ideology seems to be convoluted and over complex, However take a step back and think about how this statement unfolds and still applies to our everyday lives.

This results in that every medium conveys a message to it’s users from the light bulbs in their room, to the clothes they choose to wear that particular day, to the consumption of social media.


My Digital Artefact

From my desire to exploring the outdoors the vastness and scale of natural world and my passion in creating visual content such as photography, videography, and graphic design l have chosen to center my digital artefact around this hobby that l have don with mates for the past 2 years, and hopefully continue to build my portfolio and try learn media outlets.

My plan to deliver my adventure content is through a range of different social media platforms such as Instagram, Youtube, Facebook, and to start looking into uploading to Pinterest.

My content will be targeted towards similar minded people or people with the same hobbies as myself and build an online community of exploring and adventuring through nature.

I tested this by observing my past analytics of Instagram and youtube. And concluded to that quality of content seems to work on youtube even without regular posting, as well as tags and title play a big role in exposure, as for Instagram requires regular quality posts as well are using relevant hashtags.

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Check out Aquialh Productions 🙂












My Digital Artefact Ideas

There are an endless amount of ideas and possibilities on what my digital artefact should be on.

Here are a few ideas that have sprung to my mind based off what l like to do:

Number 1: To continue to run my hobby account Aquilah Productions where l create photos and short video clips of exploring local and afar places.

Number 2: To could create a horse ridding blog based on my interest in horse riding and seeming lacking community of male horse rides l have noticed on social media.

Number 3: To start a photography/videography page with a distinct style and look, on Instagram, facebook and youtube.

Number 4: To create a gym progression page on Instagram