I am studying a Bachelor of Communication and Media majoring in ‘Digital and Social media’ with a minor in photography and graphic design.

My name is Sean Pickering and I’m from Sydney Northern beaches. I am straight out of year 12 into the belly of the beast also known as university.

I really enjoyed my internship during year 12 at an active wear company “Muscle Republic” where l created shot video clips and photo media for their cross platform social media campaigns to increase their social media reach and build more customers

My hobbies include surfing at the local beach, going for runs and hitting it out at the gym, Rugby league is also a big part of my life, as well as training my horse. I also really enjoy creating photo and video content with my mates of our adventures, as well as listening to music and chilling out.

I look forward to progressing in my ability to write and learn more about blogging. l also have no idea where this blog will go or what it will be about, but l’m sure l will figure it out.