In response to the feedback from my pitch video I immediately change the direction of my digital artefact to better suit the direction of BCM 325. So, for my digital artefact I decided to write three different blog posts based on what will impact my own personal future in becoming a social media manager and the prospects that Aquilah productions will have.

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  1. Hello Sean!

    The first thing I want to touch up on is the audio of you beta video…. Sorry but it was so loud hahah. I love how the first thing you brought to our attention within your video was the feedback you received and your response towards that feedback. I also thought it was a good ides to go into deeper information about what each blog post will be based on, and within the section where you talk about your blog post 2, I feel as though you could of gone into more detail using our subject lectures and reading such as weeks 4 and 5 as they both go into detail about predicting the futures and research, I also feel like your blog post three is filled with a lot more areas than the rest of your blog posts, so maybe think about expanding it across all blog posts. I have both positives and negatives associated within your beta posts, the first negative is, I feel as though you turned your beta into a pitch…. Which yes is fine but you should of included more detail of what you have done/ changed. The positive associated within your beta post, is that I absolutely love your idea! I found some articles to help you out with your blog post 2 of how to become a social media manager;

    Hope this helped!


  2. I’m right there with you with completely changing my DA focus to better suit the subject. The feedback from the project pitches were a really good way to figure out if our projects aligned with the Future Cultures objective and it’s encouraging to see I’m not the only one who decided to go another direction.

    Your layout and planning of blog posts looks good with a logical progression of topics.
    Researching role of social media management is a particularly good focus, especially considering the idea that the career didn’t really exist even 20 years ago. The third post concept does a good job incorporating the first two concepts of how the future of social media impacts you and your DA, then extending it further to create an actionable business plan and have real-world impacts.

    The future of social media aligns well with the lecture from Week 6, especially with Alvin Toffler’s suggestion that the futurists job is to create ‘new’, finding alternative images of the future, which isn’t just futuristic cyberpunk-y things but more ‘mundane’ things like policy, writing, and infrastructure. Thinking about social media and its past and present trends to consider the future of it is a great way to engage with the subject goal and ~think like a futurist~. You mentioned already checking out Appel et al.’s article ‘The future of social media in marketing’, which looks like it’s spot on with your topic. Another paper that might be interesting is Koidl and Kapanova’s ‘Introduction to the Special Issue: Re-imagining a more trustworthy social media future’, which speculates aspects of research related to the public’s trust of social media, one of its main areas of concern ( This could be important for you to consider as you continue your own personal future into becoming a social media manager for your brand.

    It’s good to note that you haven’t had much feedback yet, but that you’re working to improve it by specifying specific platforms you aim to gain more on. And honestly same, I need to get a move on and actually post content! Home stretch 🙂


  3. Hi sean, I really like that your focusing on growing your own business Aqualia productions using your DA! Each of your three blog posts were described concisely and simply, despite changing your content to match the subject better you seem to have had the same clear goal from the start, to focus on Aqualia. Your three blog posts seemed very distinct from each other and were in line with improving your prospectus of being a social media manager moving from moving from marketing to the role of a social media manager to assessing possible improvements that can be made with Aqualia shows that with each blog post, you are build previous knowledge, the area of focus shrinks down becoming more specific and relevant to your aim to your business, i thought this was great.

    It was good to see that you factored in your own predictions of the future, In week four we learn through Wendell Bell that futurists must not only do but also imagine. It would be to have a defined social utility on why this project is useful for your audience of twitter and reddit users, questions you could ask are: will my journey towards being a social media manager inspire others? and, Will the information I gather from my research benefit others? I’d also suggest putting the wordpress community into your feedback loop since you’re already posting there, you could use your other platforms to promote your blog post to get eyes on it, you could be already planning this but i wasn’t sure what was meant by “work”.

    I’ve found a good source that might help you out:
    The first one is a good introduction to the pros and cons of social media management. It talks about social media being the main method of communication between businesses on many fronts- marketing, recruitment, customer support etc. the downside to this is, unlike working with traditional media, users on social media can talk back, removing the barrier between producer and consumer creating a 24/7 dialogue between the both parties. Read more here

    Its great to see you have done so much with the DA and staying on top of our schedule, best of luck with Aqualia (nice name by the way) and the rest of your DA.


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