My first comment was on Michaela Shales blog (Gender Sexualisation in Games). Michaela said that she will focusing on Chapters interactive stories on iPhone, I gave two recommendations at potentially looking at a different genre of games as well as looking into the social aspects of Sims (Mass Effect 2) as well as sharing a link to a Kotaku article about female armour in games. The marketing side of things I found interesting, designers making their character more sexualised in order to attract more players to their game, it was something that I knew but never really thought of.

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Second comment was on Tobias Joshua Thomas’s blog (Bcm 215 pitch) he discusses why he chose the topic and he’s love for videogames and what topics his has planned into the future of his DA, one being comparing Battlefield 4 to Battlefield which is one of my favourite game and game developer. I also gave two recommendations at potentially looking at IGN review page to gather ideas on reviewing games as well as asking his opinion on Halo’s story and game design as its one of my favourite games.  

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Third comment was on Ruby Losinno’s blog (RUBY REVIEWS – PITCH), she discusses her DA being based around reviewing and potentially reviewing different game shows. I suggested her to look at a particular academic journal about the critique of the price is right which could help in her review process and blog.

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From this I got to see a lot of different ideas of what goes into the gaming community and different ways that I could further improve my DA. As well as the importance of laying the information out of the reader/viewer, I would much rather just read the key points of a post then have to look through for the important stuff and having relevant topics, something that will engage the viewer. The ways I could improve myself for future comments would be by having more sources instead of just one or two. As well as get sources from a wider range of areas, such as Journal Articles, academic research and YouTube videos (reviews or game/topic breakdowns). Also that my comments could possibly be longer and better structured in order to let the reader get a better understanding of what I am saying.

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