Jay Alverez

A field site is loosely defined as the space in which field work is carried out. In terms of ethnography, a field site is not a single physical or digital space, but rather an interconnecting system of relationships between actors; both human and non-human. As ethnography is the study of a particular group of people, a field site is essential in conducting research as it can better refine the topic at hand.

By investigating the ‘Jay Alverez’ for my field site, I can gain insight into how the online travel and adventuring community’s  response to Jay’s content. My reason for choosing this as my focus is because of my future career. I am interested in getting into the travel and content creation industry in the future and working in either small or large company in marketing as I am currently studying Digital and Social media as my major. Through studying this media niche ethnographically, I will be able to give me insight into how this influencer uses social media channels like Instagram, Facebook and YouTube to persuade, influence, and inspire customers to purchase their items and gain influence. Using academic research to further extend my awareness and appreciate how influencers use social media can help me gain innovative marketing expertise.

I have created a mind map on Canva to map a general outline and network of my field site;

Field research requires actually being within the field in order to gain knowledge, and can either be via observation or participation observation.  As mentioned in my previous blog post, I have been an active member of the travel/adventure, lifestyle community on social media while running my own digital artefact for the last 3 years. I myself am part of the audience, and so my fieldwork would be participatory.

As of August 13 2020, Jay Alverez YouTube channel has just over 1.27 million subscribers, 15 videos, and gains about 1-3 million views per video. Jay also uses Instagram @jayalvarrez wherein her 6.3 million  followers see his content and promotion for his digital products and specific brand deals. He’s online persona across all channels reflects he’s true personality, which includes being very down to earth, relatable, and genuine.

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