Travel Instagrams

In BCM241 ‘Media Ethnographies’, we are beginning a research project about a media niche that interests us. As a communication and media student, I am engaged with many areas of media. However, the popular group of content creators ‘Travel/Adventure Instagram Feeds’ stood out to me as something I would be very passionate about researching especially as most of my interests and hobbies fall around surfing, being around the ocean, lifestyle, adventure, travel as well as being a photographer and videographer lover and constantly checking my favourite Instagram’s and YouTuber’s for new content to engage with.

I have been consuming and engaging with the various types of travel Instagram creators for years now which will give me an important perspective when conducting my research

I am one to travel hours to a location to create content of with friends and upload to my previous digital artefact from last year. With Instagram being my go to app and very efficient for branding of business products which includes influencer sponsorships. I believe it is a great app through visual public content and private messaging which can build a huge following, displaying the like-ability of profiles.

As discussed by Daymon and Holloway in Chapter 9, ‘Ethnography’ of ‘Qualitative Research Methods in Public Relations and Marketing Communications‘, an evolving application of “ethnographic research is the investigation of virtual communities such as those that emerge via the interent” (Daymon and Holloway, 2011, pp.145)I therefore believe the travel instagram community is an excellent community to research!

In the context of ethnography in BCM241, I am interested in how and why people consume content from adventure content creators in their everyday life. I feel as though the diversity of age, gender and content styles within the community consequently provides a diverse audience which will be really interesting to explore. For example, I would predict that the majority of fans who follow these accounts would be of a older age due the context of their creators.

In the future I imagine myself in social media advertising which could include social media assistant. The subject of media Ethnography is recorded analytics of observed cultures behaviour including social media. Dividing by characteristics and platforms using qualitative research based on a shared collective meaning of a group. I feel a niche can change personally or adapt over time with generations.


Daymon, C. and Holloway, I., 2011. Qualitative Research Methods In Public Relations And Marketing Communications. Abingdon (Gran Bretaña): Routledge, p.145. Available at: <> [Accessed 8th August 2020]

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