Since moving out of home I have learnt that your surroundings and environment can have a major impact on your life and wellbeing in fact, this is what first inspired my research topic. As moved out of home for the first year of my life where I lived on University Accommodation and currently still live there all having their advantages and disadvantages on my own personal lifestyle.

I want to research; how does living on campus affect your university experience. Depending on responses from the BCM212 cohort I may expand this research to a range of different living environments and assess the positive and negative impacts of each.

I want to ask questions on how people perceive their environment impacts their social life, physical health, study and financial. I want to know why, and how, people live the way they live.

I believe more than ever that this will be an interesting research topic as the impacts of COVID-19 pandemic, with strict laws being brought out every week forcing people to spend more and more time at home.

While conducting some preliminary research for this project I discovered a ton of research has been done into the effects of the home environment and productivity which seems to be a topic for discussion in the academic community as well as the examination of physical activity and life quality levels of university students in terms of related factors.

I found R, Gumpul’s paper the Relationship of different dimensions of home environment and academic achievement of adolescentsdetailed the relationship between environmental factors of the home and their impact on academic achievement.  

While T. Crosbie and J. Moore’s paper,Work-life Balance and Working from Home and Homeworking and work-life balance: does it add to quality of life?(j. Moore), details the benefits working from home can have on the work/life balance, meaning your home environment and working in your home environment can have positive impacts on not only productivity and achievement but also contributes to a work/life healthier balance.  

While Cihan, B. B., Bozdag, B. and Var, L’s paper, Examination of Physical Activity and Life Quality Levels of University Students in Terms of Related Factor, details the benefits and disadvantages of living on student accommodation opposed to living off campus in relation to the students physical, and mental health were examined.

However, the more I researched the more I discovered a gap in the research available. I really struggled to find research done on higher education students, this is where I have decided to focus my research. How does the home environment impact the university experience? I want to broaden this to an overarching healthily, balanced lifestyle.


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