My digital artefact is a discovery/exploration series made up of photo and short 1-2 minute videos with the key subjects of people interacting with nature and man-made features as well as them alone. I developed this project through my passion for content creation, adventure and capturing visuals. For my digital artefact I plan on continuing my hobby social media account Aquilah Productions which I have run for the past two years during school. Through documenting and creating content of my adventures and explorations and posting to Instagram, Facebook and YouTube.


So all the tools and items I used to create my social media presence and content was already owned camera and drone gear, and all the petrol to get to locations.

So I would dive for any where between one hour and three hours, depended on the location and features there. I would end up with any where between 30 mins – 2 hours of footage and 100 to 300 photos. This mean’t when I came home to edit I had a lot of footage to convert, chop down, colour correct and fix the sound, this process would take any where from two to three hours per video and I would also import all my photos into Lightroom and pick the best and arrange them best for my Instagram theme and Facebook. This was probably the worst part wasn’t very “FIST”. I would upload to Youtube, Instagram and Facebook and promote on different platforms such as Reddit.




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