In this blog post I will reflect on the ideas relevant to the DA Aquilah Productions and is still heavily based on photography and videography. During the 2nd major stage of ‘media making’, prototyping, I have been making sure to adhere to the sub stages – making, breaking and remaking. I have also continued in developing an online presence is conceptualising what the project’s creative perimeters are by generating, developing and communicating new ideas.





I received a lot of positive feedback on both Facebook and Instagram due to the high impressions and total views, As for my YouTube channel struggled to get traction due to only posting to it every fortnight.

Through the research made on ‘making’ as a stage, I found most of my inspiration for content creation and style through YouTube tutorials for both photo and video editing. I also found inspiration through travel/adventure Instagram pages. In doing this I am aiming to boost my knowledge when it comes to photography and videography.


The use of a glitch software such as plug ins for final cut pro, to ass the glitch aesthetic to my edits,

Through the research within the youtube video After Effects: Disconnected Glitch Effect! by KYLER HOLLAND, I understood that by glitching certain certain parts of the edit I could create an interesting effect for the viewer.

This was shown in my edit of Wollongong Abandoned Mansion as I glitched the main character throughout the video to create an aesthetically pleasing, adding emphasis to the music, as well as creating an unpolished feeling to the video.

Furthermore this type of editing resulted in pleasing positive feedback in my youtube comments. This type of iteration could also help my DA from any ‘breaking’ as it provides something fresh as well as eye-catching to the viewers watching.


During the Prototyping stage overall I have mainly worked hard on producing the Exploring Wollongong’s Abandon Coal Factory video which was a significant task, compared to my previous videos as used a new type of music and implemented different techniques to edit the music to better suit my style of editing.

From the beginning videography was the major component in my DA and within this prototyping stage I have aimed to improve my editing ability.

Another on of my goals during the prototyping phase was to create a stronger community on instagram and promote other’s pages and find a wider audience and pages to follow.

Where To Now?

I plan to generate more content specialised to the needs of the target audience, maintain an aesthetic for the page, explore different ideas and embrace ambiguity, increase user engagement, curate more content, and continuing to iterate based on the feedback I receive.

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