This week’s lecture was centred around the history and creation of copyright as well as looking at the future of copyleft as well.

In a galaxy far away the entire concept of copyright simply did not exist, meaning there were no restrictions on stealing someones work to publish as your own.

So when the idea of copyright was created, It only lasted for 14 years after the publication of the product. Since then, many companies have realised that they could lose entire franchises to the public domain because of the limited timeline of copyright.

Not unless Disney has anything to do with it

You see, Disney doesn’t want to lose the rights to Mickey Mouse, so they are one of the major influences to the extension of these laws. As seen in the graph below

With out the creation of copyleft (Creative Commons), and the denial of Article 13 protecting, which allows for a generative online community in all areas from music to videos. Creators are promoted to remix, retell their own story or idea’s through the use of another’s content as long as it is referenced.

What’d you think Copyright or Copyleft? leave your thoughts in the comments below!

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  1. You have explained the nitty gritty of the copyright law really well. The example you used are super helpful such as the graph that is a great visual aid. copyright is such a tricky thing to navigate through and this post clarified a few things for me.

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