Internet memes are deployed in battles of politically motivated and semantically targeted content across social media as part of a period of broader conflict. This leads to the notion of propaganda as being extremely prevalent on the internet, though Users are often blind to it, and dismiss it as if it were nothing as memes are often used as jokes and funny scenarios which Users relate to, they can often be used to brainwash masses of people into thinking something leading into.

Memetic warfare has been described as “competition over narrative, ideas, and social control in a social-media battlefield”. A recent case study of the #DraftourDaughters twitter trend – what was believed to be horrifying political campaigns spread by Hillary Clinton, were actually disturbing memes made by certain 4Chan users which had copied everything she used and remade it in a darker tone. This in turn made many people dislike Hillary, despite it not being her fault.

In our tutorial we played around with the idea of an image having multiple meanings and can be used as a consistent message or format that can be considered propaganda on the BCM112 hashtag on twitter.


  1. I believe you picked a perfect topic to talk about when it comes to meme warfare. I also liked that you showed an example of the work we have done in class! Good use of hyperlinks and great information.

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