As explained in our lecture this week, collective intelligence refers to a community or group of people that hold a shared interest in topics or ideas, coexisting in the same online space so they can gather, curate and network information.

The MIT Center for Collective Intelligence, defines Collective Intelligence as “a group of individuals doing things collectively that seem intelligent”.

This concept can be witnessed in nature through groups of animals such as ants. Individually, ants are not overly intelligent organisms, but working together as a colony are capable of performing extraordinary feats.

A great example of collective intelligence through the power of the internet, is the troll on Shia LaBeouf’s “He Will Not Divide Us” campaign. Here the population ‘4 Chan’ worked together to find a hidden live stream camera, recording a flag that read “He will not divide us” aimed at US President Donald Trump, and replaced it with a Trump supporting hat and shirt in order to troll LaBeouf and his views.