From my desire to exploring the outdoors the vastness and scale of natural world and my passion in creating visual content such as photography, videography, and graphic design l have chosen to center my digital artefact around this hobby that l have don with mates for the past 2 years, and hopefully continue to build my portfolio and try learn media outlets.

My plan to deliver my adventure content is through a range of different social media platforms such as Instagram, Youtube, Facebook, and to start looking into uploading to Pinterest.

My content will be targeted towards similar minded people or people with the same hobbies as myself and build an online community of exploring and adventuring through nature.

I tested this by observing my past analytics of Instagram and youtube. And concluded to that quality of content seems to work on youtube even without regular posting, as well as tags and title play a big role in exposure, as for Instagram requires regular quality posts as well are using relevant hashtags.

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Check out Aquialh Productions πŸ™‚













  1. This is a great idea for a DA Project! I think by using many different platforms this will help reach a wider audience and really allow individuals who are interested in this field to find your project. I think regular posting will assist you in producing better content as you will be able to gain more feedback from your content which will in turn allow you to improve. Can’t wait to see where this project leads πŸ™‚

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  2. Great concept, I think using multiple platforms is a great idea, as long as the content is frequently uploaded you should see a great growth in interaction (engagement). Keen to see what comes out of this!

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